Our product offering are inline with our principals.

We consult, market, sell and maintain voice & data products.

Our offering can be broadly classified into voice connectivity products and data connectivity products.

Voice connectivity products

We are channel partners of UNIFY for TDM & IP EPABX, ports ranging from few tens to few hundreds. We cater to small and medium business enterprises.

Associated voice products are bundled to give a complete solution

  • Push button telephones
  • Digital Key telephone systems
  • DECT
  • Audio conference
  • Voice mail
  • Call billing software
  • Video conference
  • Voice logger
  • Music on hold (MOH)
  • Head set
  • FCT

Advantages to customers such as 10 years technology upgrade forward and backward compatibility with convergence for IP platform.

Data Connectivity Products

We are business partners of  VSNL, Tier 1 ISP with multinational presence. We offer IP connectivity solutions for VSNL products

Products range cater to all sort of IP connectivity requirement of medium to large scale enterprise.

Products range:

  • Internet Leased Line
    • Resilient public bandwidth connectivity with multiple gateways in multiple undersea cables for 'always on' internet connectivity.
  • International Private Leased Circuit
  • Virtual Private Network - MPLS
  • Domestic Private Leased Circuit
  • Voice over Internet
  • Corporate Internet Telephony
  • Variable Costing International Private Leased Circuit
  • Instantaneous Call Centre
  • Data centre - Hosting, collocation of servers
  • Messaging service
  • VSAT satellite connectivity